Foto ifrån Malmö Operas uppsättning Zorba av fotograf Charlotte T Strömwall
Jeanette Larsson: Vilken fantastisk film och vilken fantastisk Människa! 
Tack Pernilla Hultén för den. Så nära, så berörande, så roligt och så vackert!
Kristina Holst: Instämmer! Underbar film!  
Anneli Göranson‎: Tack Pernilla för Pärlemor, ett mästerverk som jag äntligen såg igår.




104 min

Mother Of Pearl is a documentary film about the renowned Swedish prima donna, opera singer, actor and theatre director Marianne Mörck. She is  a role model both within and without the theatre world. Before even being born, she was given up for adoption. Her adoptive family forced this born entertainer to study nursing instead of becoming a “stage ham”. But in the mussel lies a persistent irritating grain of sand that becomes a pearl. Swedish independent filmmaker Pernilla Hultén has closely followed Marianne on stage and behind the scenes as well as in moments of great privacy. Mother Of Pearl reveals one rejected child’s journey to become the altruistic queen of the Swedish theatre. Discover Marianne’s infectious love of the stage and share the emotional moment when uncovering new truths from the archives of an old orphanage. Marianne’s fate leaves no one untouched.


Marianne Mörck, Lars Humble, Nadin Al Khalidi, Peter Jöback, Lindy Larsson, Hans-Peder Edh, Suzanne Karlsson, Johan Falkman, Rickard Söderberg and many others.

Produced by Limestone Film